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JuLikeMyChops would love to have you on board in any capacity. However, you might consider one or more of the following:

1) Corporate Sponsor. A company can sponsor by simply donating a lump sum of money or become recognised as a sponsor on our web page and information packs by opting for a donation amount in the choices offered.

2) Chops Ambassador. You're famous, well-liked, influential even inspirational. Use these traits to help us further our cause.

3) Individual fund-raiser (and chop-grower). In our eyes, you're already a hero. The kids thank you.

4) Company fund-raiser. Match your employees fund-raising effort; dollar for dollar. Respect!

5) Chop Cop. This one is reserved for the women giving them the power to 'police' the gents doing the chop-growing as well as those that aren't. Fines apply ;)

So, if you think you, your company or your employer would like to help our cause in raising money for research into children's cancer, or if you want to become involved as an Ambassador click the button below to get in touch
with our Campaign Director.

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